Frequently Asked Questions


What are some key services Juan Morel Campos provides for students?

Juan Morel Campos is a Community School that is built on partnerships between families, teachers, administrators, and the greater community. We work to improve academic achievement by meeting the needs of children and families. We provide an extended school day, academic support, enrichment activities, health and mental health services, adult education classes, and more. 

When are the open houses for new/accepted students?

We are currently scheduling open houses for new/accepted students by appointment. Prospective parents/guardians should call our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Pena, at (718) 302-7900 (ext. 2102) to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled Monday-Thursday from 9AM-12PM.

What are the appropriate procedures to follow if I will be absent from school?

Parents/guardians must phone the Main Office (718) 302-7900 (ext. 2111) to inform the school that their child will be absent. Once the student returns, he/she must provide proof to be granted an excused absence. 

What are the appropriate procedures to follow if I will have to leave early from school? 

A student who must leave early from school must be picked up by an adult who is listed on the student’s Blue Card. The adult should visit the Main Office located in room 211. A school staff member will then call the student down to the office and assist the adult in signing the student out.

How do I contact the School Nurse and where is the Nurse's office?

If a student is feeling ill or is hurt, that student must notify the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will write a pass for the student to visit the Nurse’s office. The Nurse’s office is located in Room 145.

How can I find out who my guidance counselor is?

The guidance counselors are:

Ms. Knight – Grade 6 & 7 (Room 344), (718) 302-7900 ext. (3440)

Mr. Roth – Grade 8 & Special Education (Room 341), (718) 302-7900 ext. (3441)

Ms. Bradley – Grades 11 & 12 (Room 306), (718) 302-7900 ext. (3063)

Ms. Valentin – Grades 9 & 10 (Room 306), (718) 302-7900 ext. (3061)

Ms. Regalado – College Counselor (Room 328a), (718) 302-7900 (ext. 3280)

How do I replace a lost ID?

Lost or stolen IDs can be replaced by contacting a school dean in Room 358, (718) 302-7900 ext. 3580. Typically, students can be issued an ID within one day.

When will I receive my schedule for the new school year?

On the first day of school, high school students report to the gymnasium and 7th and 8th graders report to the 3rd floor main hallway to retrieve their school schedule from their guidance counselor. 6th graders meet their teachers in the school yard and are escorted to class, where they receive their school schedules.

How does a student obtain breakfast and lunch at the school?

Juan Morel Campos is a universal free lunch school. This means that any student enrolled at the school can receive free breakfast from 7:45am to 8:10am, Monday through Friday. All students receive free school lunch during their scheduled lunch periods

What is The New York City Department of Education's Policy on cell phones, ipods, and other communication/electronic devices (including laptops)?

Students are permitted but discouraged from bringing the following electronic items to school:

1) cell phones;

2) laptops, tablets, iPads, and other similar computing devices; and

3) portable music and entertainment system, such as iPods, MP3 players, PSP, and Nintendo DS.


The use/possession of such devices while at school is discouraged and at the risk of the user/owner at JMCSS school is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced devices 

How do I retrieve a confiscated electronic device?

The use of cell phones or other electronic devices by students is prohibited while students are in school. This includes classrooms, hallways, and the auditorium. Disruptive or defiant use of such devices may result in confiscation or other disciplinary actions or interventions, such as parents/guardians being requested to report to school to take their child's cell phone or electronics.

Students, however, are allowed to use their cell phones in the cafeteria/recess yard with the understanding that they do not make phone calls, send texts, access social media, or take photos/videos of students or staff.

What is the school's dress code?

Students are expected to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance.

When does the school day begin and end (Bell Schedule)?

First period begins at 8:20am. This means that all students should be seated in their classrooms at this time. The school day ends at 2:40pm on Mondays and at 3:55pm on Tuesdays through Fridays. For a complete bell schedule, please visit the “Student” section of this website.

How do I keep up with current Juan Morel Campos information?

The Juan Morel Campos school calendar can be found here. A calendar that contains special events, such as trips, is mailed home every month. This calendar is also available in the Main Office (Room 211). If you do not receive the school’s monthly mailing, please visit the school’s Main Office with proof of address so that we can correct your address in our school records. Proof of address can be a copy of your lease, a letter from your landlord, or a bill addressed to you at your current address.

Where is the lost and found?

Lost and found items are to be brought to Ms. Bauer in Room 212.

How do I obtain Working Papers?

Working Papers are distributed by the grade-appropriate guidance counselor. Students in Grades 9 & 10 should report to Ms. Valentin. Students in Grades 11 & 12 should report to Ms. Bradley.

How do I know if school has been canceled due to adverse weather conditions?

The Chancellor’s Office makes the decision to close schools in case of inclement weather. The announcements are made over the radio, local television news, and on the DOE website (